Make a Great Impression With Your Veterinary Office – Part 1

As we step into a new year, it can be easy to look at what we hope to achieve. If you survey your current veterinary office and feel dissatisfied, you aren’t alone. Many professionals provide care in buildings that were built years ago and don’t have the most advanced features. However, it is very important to realize that the most modern features won’t make you a great veterinarian. Instead, attention to detail and cleanliness are two aspects that will always make a great impression that sticks with anyone who walks through your doors.

If you’re longing for a veterinary office that looks like a lawyer’s office, you’re focused on the wrong things. It is generally better for veterinary offices to be simple, clean, and functional. The good news here is that you can achieve these goals with little to no cost. That means that it doesn’t matter if you’re in a new office or a converted old house, you can keep your office at the top of its game. Read on to learn more!

How to Keep Your Office at Its Best

At Medical Waste Disposal, we will always do our part to ensure that your facility is free of biological hazards. We hope that the following tips give you some direction for keeping your facility at its very best.

  • Don’t put off fixing things. It can be easy to dismiss a broken fixture or a missing bulb in the hurry to manage your patients. However, people notice even the smallest broken fixtures, and it can have a heavy impact on whether they return or not. Stay on top of repairs and fix what needs fixing as soon as possible. You’ll protect your office’s impressions and avoid having to deal with a huge pileup of repair work.

  • Change up your cat cages and dog runs. If your dog runs and cat cages have more in common with Alcatraz than a friendly veterinary office, it’s time to update them. Consider a glass-walled dog run or condo-style fixtures for the cats, and your customers will appreciate the care you’re showing their pets.
  • Keep up with cleaning. Everything in sight should be cleaned, including baseboards, fixtures, walls, door jambs, and countertops. It can be easy to get focused on just keeping the operational surfaces clean, but your patients and their owners experience a lot more of your office, and they will probably have plenty of time to spot grimy areas while they wait for their appointments. Pay particular attention to any grout in your office, which is infamous for picking up dirt and looking really grimy.

Get Medical Waste Disposal On Your Team

Part of running a great veterinary office is ensuring that any biohazardous waste you produce is safely managed. It not only mitigates odors, it protects you, your team, your patients, and their owners from dangerous materials. We provide world-class biohazard disposal in Colorado and can take the burden of waste management off of your shoulders. Contact us to learn more today!

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