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There are some places in Texas that are busier than others. Restaurant kitchens, elementary schools, and medical facilities are just a few of them. All three of these workplaces depend on cleanliness, efficiency, and overall excellence. However, while you’ll get some medical waste from an elementary school nurse’s office, you generally don’t need to worry about the trash from a busy restaurant starting widespread disease. However, if you work in the busy environment of a medical facility, you likely deal with materials that are highly dangerous to your community each and every day.

Unless you’ve worked in a medical facility, you may have a difficult time understanding how difficult it is to provide great care to your patients while juggling charting, snowballing appointments, labs, and more. Making sure a bloody cotton swab or a used needle gets into the right container can slip your mind, especially in the heat of the moment. Just remembering to change gloves can be a hurdle. However, the correct disposal of medical waste is incredibly important not just to your community, but to your patients, your team, your practice’s reputation, and yourself. There is no room for mistakes.

One of the keys to providing your patients with the best care in Texas is keeping things simple. At Medical Waste Disposal, simplicity is central to the services we provide.We know that serving a community in any sort of medical practice, even a veterinary office, is not for the faint of heart, and that is why we are so passionate about doing what we do. Making waste disposal as easy for our clients as possible is one of the first ways we make ourselves their best allies.

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Here are some things we can do to ensure that you find the most success with our services.

  • Correctly-timed pickups.

    • Only large medical facilities have the ability to maintain their own medical waste disposal equipment, and doing so is expensive and work-intensive. For most facilities, it makes much more sense to have their medical waste picked up by professionals who can carry it to dedicated management facilities and properly dispose of it. That is what we do, and we make pickups more often than you might think!
    • Why do we frequently pick up and empty medical waste containers? A container’s integrity only stays intact if its lid can fully close. It is highly important for medical waste containers to never overflow. In fact, they shouldn’t get more than halfway full before they are emptied. That is why it is so important to have a waste management company who can evaluate your waste volume and schedule pickups that are frequent enough to handle it. The company should also be available if you get a sudden influx of patients and a corresponding spike in waste.

  • Containers that are easy to use.

    • In those tense, fast-paced moments, you need containers that aren’t just simple to use, but clearly color-coded as well. You rarely have time to pause and consider which container is which. The containers we provide to you will always feature user-friendly access points, clear text and images, and consistent coloring. You won’t have to worry about the container holding dangerous waste securely and preventing it from causing trouble.
  • Convenient, transparent communication.

    • We make it a high priority to keep a healthy channel of communication open between ourselves and you. When communication breaks down, things can get hazardous very quickly, You cannot afford for that to happen, and neither can we. That is why we will always resolve disputes quickly and be available to answer questions, meet new needs, and make everything as seamless as possible for you and your patients.
  • Tailored instructions for staff.

    • A majority of caregivers will have a general idea where different waste containers should be located, but we can evaluate your facility and ensure that the containers are in the most effective locations. These are things like installing containers in patient rooms at a height where children won’t be able to grab them. We can foster efficiency and safety with our directions and container placement strategies.

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Isolating dangerous materials is the job of waste containers, and when they’re used correctly, they are very effective. However, the only hope for these containers to do their jobs right is for their operators to understand how they work. There are several things to keep in mind about these essential parts of any medical facility, and we want to share them with you here.

It’s All About the Lids

  • Medical waste containers come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs. A majority of them are rigid in design. Even thin red biohazard bags should be kept in rigid containers with closing lids. Any seam in a container is a risk for leakage, no matter how well the container was constructed. That is why biohazard containers (especially sharps containers) only have seams/connections where their lids meet their bodies. Depending on the design, the lids will lock, ensuring that there is absolutely no way for the dangerous materials inside to get out until professionals have them ready for safe processing. Every time we empty or pick up your containers, we will check the locking systems by opening and closing the lids. We will always make sure that every container is ready to do 100 percent of its job for you.

Seamless Plastic for Ultimate Safety

  • We mentioned above that any seam in a hazardous waste container is a risk factor. That is why any rigid waste container must be made using an injection-mold process. This means that a lump of plastic is literally melted into the container’s shape without any seams or weaknesses. That being said, no container lasts forever. These containers are used in busy environments that may be on the move, like an ambulance. Once any container gets compromised, it must be retired immediately. We always check our clients’ containers to ensure that they don’t have cracks or stress fractures. We want you to have complete peace of mind about your containers at all times.

The Bright Colors Aren’t Just for Fun

  • While a red sharps container might look interesting to a child, most adults understand that the bright color is a warning. That is all on purpose. The bright reds, blues, and yellows of most hazardous waste containers are warnings to patients to stay away. The colors also make it easier for medical professionals to get the right waste in the right container, boosting the safety of the facility. We always take the time to understand how you color-code your waste at your facility, ensuring the coding is correct and in its easiest-to-use form.

Autoclave-Ready at All Times

  • A lot of medical waste is processed in autoclaves, which are powerful, heated pressure chambers able to create extreme conditions to kill dangerous organisms. Now, many people think that autoclaves are simply used for processing the waste itself, but you can’t forget the containers! Many containers can handle the extreme conditions of the autoclave, which allows companies like ours to provide you with sterilized containers every time.

When you choose Medical Waste Disposal in Texas, you get access to a team with years of experience in medical waste management. Everything we do is tailored to making your everyday operations safer and more convenient. Contact us today to get started!

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Our modern medical system does incredible things for people, helping them overcome issues that would have seemed impossible in the past. However, with all of that action comes a lot of byproducts, and it is not the friendly kind. When any human is treated and healed, the tools, liquids, tissues, and other items left over can have a devastating effect on the environment and other people around them. That is why our medical waste management must keep pace with medicine’s advancements, eliminating the hazardous byproducts of the medical miracles performed by hard-working people.

The great news here is that medical waste processes are highly advanced, and when you partner with Medical Waste Disposal in Texas, you get the best of the best for your facility, patients, and team. In our years of experience with medical waste, we’ve learned that there are a handful of things you can do that go a very long way in protecting yourself. Read on to learn more!

Keep Yourself, Your Patients, and Your Team Safe

These are basic protocols and tips that can make all the difference in any situation where you’re dealing with hazardous waste.

  • Follow the waste protocols.
    In a medical office, there are protocols for everything. In fact, it can feel like you’ll never get them all down. Even more confusing, the protocols tend to change as improvements come down the pipe. The thing is, when we meet with your medical facility personnel, we will create protocols designed to protect you, and if you don’t follow them, it can lead to trouble. Pay attention to protocols about disposal container placement and access as well as how to handle the waste itself. Following protocols will ensure that your daily routines flow without risk to you or your patients.
  • Wear the right clothing.
    You need to protect yourself from the hazardous waste you handle, and your clothes are the first line of defense. Your facility should have plenty of safety gear at all times, including gowns, gloves, and facial masks. The clothing should be in good shape without cracks or tears. It should be clean and carefully maintained. Damaged or poor clothing quality can take down an entire department.
  • Keep up with protocol modifications and updates.
    Both containers and the protocols for using them can change over time as we learn more about how best to manage hazardous waste. When changes come along, you and your entire team must change your routines to fulfill them. These can be changes like disinfecting containers more than you did before, or other things that can seem like too much work. In a busy facility, finding time to make changes can seem particularly difficult, but it must be done. If you start an epidemic and investigations reveal that it occurred as the result of people not following protocols, you can end up in a world of hurt.

  • Inspect the containers regularly.
    Medical containers are tough and made to do the best job possible, but they aren’t invincible. Even injection-molded sharps containers can get beat up, cracked, or dysfunctional. Often it isn’t the body of the container that breaks; it’s the lid or lock. When you use Medical Waste Disposal in Texas, we’ll consistently inspect your containers to make sure they are in full working order. You should keep an eye on your containers in the meantime to ensure that they are always at their best.
  • Don’t go it alone.
    You don’t have to manage your medical waste disposal system on your own. It is important for you to team up with a great medical waste disposal company and work together to protect your community. A good medical waste disposal company will make communication a priority, ensuring constant transparency between the two of you. By teaming up with a medical waste disposal company, you can ensure that your protocols are up-to-date, train your staff, and get medical waste carried out of your facility for correct processing.

Turn to Medical Waste Disposal in Texas

If you work in a medical facility, veterinary office, or blood bank, people depend on you for the work you do every day. You are their answer to some of life’s scariest situations. Ensuring that you offer a clean, safe environment where they can receive care makes all the difference. At Medical Waste Disposal, we are passionate about empowering medical professionals to make the most of their practices. We take care of their medical waste so that they can focus on talking to their patients and providing the very best care. Contact us in Texas to learn more about what we can do and get started today!

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