Biohazard Disposal in Colorado

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Unless your medical facility is huge enough to handle the cost and infrastructure needs of on-site waste disposal, outsourcing is your best solution. A majority of medical facilities choose to handle their medical waste this way, paying expert waste managers to both transport and take care of all the dangerous waste from their facilities. Going this route empowers the medical facilities to focus on their patients rather than trying to manage both care and the waste it generates.

The challenge of finding a great biohazard waste disposal company is a serious one. A waste disposal company that cuts corners will end up pulling your business down with it because any mistake they make comes back to you. You may end up dealing with massive fees and reputational damage that isn’t even your fault. A bad waste disposal company can be the downfall of yours, and there’s no reason for this to happen when there are excellent companies like Medical Waste Disposal just waiting to provide you with the best waste disposal in the industry. But how do you know a waste disposal company is world-class like you need it to be? Well, we want to share some of the ways that we at Medical Waste Disposal keep ourselves ahead of the pack. Read on to learn more!

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The waste industry generally has long service contracts, but you should expect flexibility as well. A great waste service company will have several contract lengths to choose from so you have the ability to shop around. Long contracts aren’t always best, as they tend to exacerbate issues between parties in the long run.

A Small-Business Mindset

Medical waste is dangerous enough that you cannot afford to work with a disposal company that is slow to respond. You cannot be just another number to them. Instead, you should work with a company that cares about you. You should know exactly who to call if you have questions or issues and not have to worry about being filtered into a phone tree preventing you from talking to a real person.

Complete Insurance

Because disposal companies work with volatile, dangerous substances, they should have their own insurance. Before you choose to work with a company, ask for a copy of their certificate of insurance. Look for a company with liability insurance that covers both themselves and their clients. Fortunately, it is rare for insurance to come into play for expert waste disposal companies like ours, but we make sure we have it anyway. Doing our due diligence is not an option.

Current Licenses and Certifications

Just like the insurance, you need to know your chosen waste disposal company is licensed to handle the substances they claim to manage. You can turn to the local authorities to confirm that a company can back up its claims. Figuring out if a company is qualified should be the easiest part of your research because companies should be eager to show that they are your best option.


Because the medical world runs 24 hours a day, there’s no such thing as a non-urgent need. You should be able to access your history of disposal types, schedules, and volumes via a secure login. Without transparency between you and your disposal company, it’s impossible to run a safe operation.

Turn to Medical Waste Disposal

At the end of the day, whether you work in a veterinary office, an urgent care center, or a hospital, you need to be able to pour your time and energy into providing the very best care to your patients. If you have to split your resources between your constituents and waste management, you’ll see your care levels go down. Instead of letting that happen, sit down with the team at Medical Waste Management. We will ensure that your facility can keep running without needing downtime.

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Working in a medical facility is not for the faint of heart. We aren’t just talking about seeing blood or having to give shots; we’re talking about the pace you have to keep in order to provide care to everyone who walks through your doors.

When a patient enters your facility, he or she expects to receive the best from everyone. However, you’re behind the scenes, and you get to experience snowballing appointment schedules as you juggle charts, labs, phone calls, and a hopefully-good bedside manner. It’s hard to get a moment to breathe, much less eat your lunch! You really don’t have time for inefficient systems set up without you in mind.

Bring Convenience to Your Waste Disposal Systems

Consult with professionals.

Your medical facility needs waste management tailored to its unique needs, and it’s important not to just set up a system on your own and hope it works. Instead, you need to consult with Medical Waste Disposal experts. We will evaluate every factor of your facility, including the types of waste you produce and create a layout for your containers across the whole building. We will also evaluate your volume to ensure that we’re doing pickups often enough to keep up.

Don’t go color-crazy.

Depending on how large your facility is, you may be treating many patients with all kinds of different ailments. If this is the case, you may require several different colors of bins. We will do our best to keep the variety to a minimum; hopefully, no more than three. The more colors you have, the more confusion you’ll have … not to mention frustration. Busy professionals will end up putting random items into bins that may be the wrong choice, leading to dangerous conditions for all.

Keep your staff updated.

If the bins ever need to move, make sure everyone knows where they are going before you make the change. Make it a priority to teach new employees where the bins are as well as their uses. Constant, thorough communication is the way to keep your patients and your team safe.

Don’t fall behind on maintenance.

A waste bin that is difficult to use is a hazard. All of your containers should work like new, and if they have any problems, you should contact us immediately so we can fix or replace them. You shouldn’t depend on issues being identified and reported during the work day; instead, your containers should be inspected at least once a week.

Let Medical Waste Disposal Help

Medical waste containers are a normal part of the modern medical world, with hundreds of thousands of professionals utilizing them every day. Because a medical professional’s daily pace is so rapid, all medical waste containers need to be located, arranged, and labeled for clarity, convenience, and speed. When you work with Medical Waste Disposal in Colorado, we can visit your facility, assess its unique workflow, and position our medical waste containers in key locations that will be convenient for your staff and, most importantly, safe for everyone.

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Running a medical facility correctly is a complex challenge that requires a team of people who are all on the same page. It doesn’t matter how swanky or new a facility may look or how advanced its equipment may be; if the people running the place don’t use best practices, they can cause more harm than good.

One of the most important aspects of running a facility correctly is waste management. A big part of what separates modern medicine from the Dark Ages is our understanding of sanitation. By managing biohazardous waste correctly, we can protect our patients and our entire communities while treating highly dangerous diseases. The key is ensuring that every member of your team understands what correct waste disposal looks like and recognizes the importance of doing it correctly.

Keeping Your Staff Well-Trained on Medical Waste Disposal

Don’t neglect emergency protocols.

An emergency can boost your reputation or tarnish it. You get to decide which one happens, and the way you do that is to prepare properly. Strict protocols and thorough education are your friends here. Having pre-set emergency plans and backup supplies of biohazard bags and other equipment will empower your staff to handle emergencies with excellence. Remember, it’s not a matter of “if” — it’s a matter of “when” an emergency will happen.

Work with waste management experts.

We just discussed emergency protocols. In order for them to be effective, they need to be tailored to your unique facility and your needs. Experts like the team at Medical Waste Management understand what it takes to keep different types of facilities safe. We can visit your Colorado facility in person and work with you to create feasible, excellent emergency protocols that allow you to handle whatever comes your way.

However, emergency protocols are just a fraction of what we can do. We can fine-tune your day-to-day processes in addition to providing training for your staff. You don’t have to worry about handling the educational side of waste management; we can come into your facility and provide that education for you and your team.

Keep your staff up-to-date

If you run any sort of facility that deals with hazardous waste, you have a responsibility to give your team the knowledge and support they need to handle that waste properly. You also need to keep an eye on your facility to ensure that things are being done right.

Let Medical Waste Disposal Help

When you work in any facility that generates medical waste, you run into unique challenges every day. We at Medical Waste Disposal are here to support you with training, information, and world-class biohazard disposal.

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In order to run an effective medical facility, you need to protect both your employees and your patients. You don’t want the people who enter your facility to leave worse-off than when they arrived. The way you do this is ensuring that the medical waste produced by all the care you provide ends up in a safe, appropriate place. The team at Medical Waste Disposal is here to help because we understand the benefits of proper medical waste disposal and we want to make it happen for you. Let’s discuss some of the great things that happen when medical waste is disposed of correctly!

Benefits to the Environment

The best way to destroy medical waste is to incinerate it after removing it from a medical facility. The process of incineration actually reduces the overall amount of waste. It also sterilizes the waste, which makes it possible to dispose of it in normal ways afterward. This makes our modern medical waste disposal methods really effective. There is only one downside to this process, and that is the incineration process, which can put some toxicity into the air. The good news is, the toxicity is tiny compared to the massive potential impact of untreated medical waste.

Benefits to Community Health

Contaminated waste actually sends toxins into the air. That means a facility holding medical waste can end up making anyone who enters it very sick, even if they don’t touch anything. It is actually possible to breathe in bacteria. When physicians and other employees carefully dispose of the waste and a professional company like ours picks it up, it is easier to keep a facility healthy and free of pests.

Turn to Medical Waste Disposal

Medical waste disposal is a perpetual process that has no room for mistakes. It is the main defense our communities have against the dangerous diseases and conditions that can quickly affect many people. At Medical Waste Disposal, we understand the importance of the services we offer Colorado, and we are committed to never cutting corners. We are the allies of any facility that produces biohazardous medical waste, and we would love to be yours. When you choose us, you get a company with the infrastructure to handle your waste needs while maintaining that small-company feel. We not only pick up, transport, and dispose of waste, we can train your staff on how to handle it appropriately during day-to-day operations. Contact us today!


People don’t always think of laboratories when they see the world “medical” in our name, but we are proud to provide biohazard disposal to many laboratories in Colorado. We owe a lot of our modern advantages to laboratories and the people who work in them, and as a result, we are proud to serve these hard-working teams. Today, we want to look at the job of a laboratory head and share some helpful, basic tips.

Lab Management Basics

The Human Side

  • While labs are created to achieve goals, nothing gets done without people within the lab doing work. If you are the head of your lab, it is important for you not to get tunnel vision on your goals. It can be easy to forget your people in the face of deadlines and achievement, but don’t let this happen. You’ll be needed for practical tasks like signing expense reports and making sure people get paid, but you’ll also probably end up dealing with arguments and other workplace dynamics. Listening, communicating, and navigating social dynamics will all serve you well.
  • When it comes to expectations, make sure they are clear. This will ensure that your team knows how to handle daily processes and situations. They should all know their responsibilities; it will make them feel better coming into work, and you’re more likely to get the results you need.
  • Be open to different needs and make both productivity and fun into priorities. There is a good chance you’ll have to get through some tricky situations, so get help when you need it. Get training and depend on your colleagues and mentors.

Staying Safe

  • Your institution will have safety rules that probably get updated more often than you’d like. Don’t ignore updates to safety procedures. They are very important. Leading by example will empower your entire team to stay safe as well. You want them to know that safety is a priority. You should know what needs to go where and why. You should know the MSDS in your lab and do what is necessary to ensure that your staff members know how to be safe. This is where we can help; the team at Medical Waste Disposal provides great training on updated safety protocols and can get your team off to a great start.

Supplies and Budgets

  • Microscopes need light bulbs, the agar plates need medium, and teams headed out for field work need flagging tape. As the head of a lab, you need to have a research grant and understand the process for living it out. Additionally, knowing the process for purchasing supplies internally will make your life a lot easier. Some purchases will require orders or credit cards. It can be frustrating and confusing, but stay on top of it. If you keep a file with details and invoice copies, it will help you get the correct sizes of supplies and stay consistent. Consistency is key to keeping your lab functional.

We Are Here to Help

The team at Medical Waste Disposal can collect, transport, and dispose of your biohazardous waste. Contact us today to start saving money!