How to Make Waste Containers Easier to Use

The average day in the life of a healthcare worker is an uphill battle only healthcare workers can understand. You have to keep up with constantly-evolving procedures, document everything correctly, and be patient, sensitive, and kind to their patients. It is a very stressful job made more complex by the risk of hazardous waste. Ensuring every piece of hazardous material ends up in the right bin can become next to impossible when you’re behind on schedule, there’s a screaming child next door, and you’ve got family members hovering around you. The good news is, there are things that managers can do to both make things easier for everyone and protect everyone in the process.

Bring Order and Clarity to Your Facility’s Waste Management

Depending on the size and function of your healthcare facility, there are ways you can fine-tune your waste management system. Consider the following options for your facility!

  • Ask the question: Will universal containers work?

    • Several types of biohazards can go in the same container. You may just need one red container in each room, clear beacons for anyone working who needs to dispose of biohazardous waste. It can make life a lot easier for everyone. The key is being sure that your system is still compliant.
  • Don’t go crazy with color coding.

    • If your facility generates several different types of waste, you’re going to need corresponding containers in different colors. However, you can take color coding too far and create a system that is too complex for care providers who need to move quickly. Workers who cannot quickly take care of medical waste get frustrated and end up disposing of items incorrectly. We recommend you limit yourself to three colors to make each day easier for your team.

  • Make sure your staff know about the system and how it works.

    • Keeping your waste containers in the same place is key to maintaining a stable system for your employees. However, things tend to change. You probably have new employees starting on a regular basis, and when regulations shift, your containers may have to move. Either way, it’s important to have quarterly or monthly meetings dedicated to the containers’ locations. This type of universal communication fosters a better working environment for everyone.
  • Maintain your containers.

    • As soon as a container doesn’t work like new, it ceases to be effective. The best thing you can do for your team and your patients is ensure that each container works well and with ease. That means weekly inspections and immediate calls/remedies if there are any issues. When you work with Medical Waste Disposal, we can provide you containers and respond immediately if any of them are damaged or failing to work well.

The more streamlined your facility can be, the better care you’ll be able to provide. At Medical Waste Disposal, we are on a mission to help Arizona practices be all they can be by taking care of their medical waste, training their staff, and providing support. Contact us today to learn more!

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