How to Identify a Great Medical Waste Company

Unless your facility exists on a scale that allows it to manage its own waste, you’ll need a management company dedicated to transporting and processing that waste for you. You can leave the job of properly treating the waste according to local and federal laws up to the experts. However, if those experts mess up, the fallout can come back to you. That is why you need a waste management ally you can trust. But what does that look like?

What You Should Look for in a Medical Waste Disposal Company

Knowing how to find a great waste disposal company is key to securing the future of your practice. Like we said, a waste management company that fails to meet regulations can drag your entire practice down. Every waste management company you meet with will try to show themselves in the best light possible, and it’s up to you to see through their smiles and guarantees to ensure that they can actually deliver what they promise.

They should be transparent.

You need to be able to contact the waste management company any time and access your history of disposal types, schedules, or volumes. When considering different management companies, choose one that gives you online access at any time. Transparency is the only way to maintain a safe operation and ensure that your facility stays out of trouble.

They should have a small business attitude.

You need an ally that is nimble, responsive, and hard-working. A “conglomerate” mentality tends to provide results that are slow, bulky, and full of cracks. Find a company that will do what it takes to fulfill your needs without putting you in a queue or making it next to impossible to talk to a real person.

They should have flexible contract periods.

Contracts are foundational for any professional relationship, and it’s their job to define exactly what services will be provided. However, they need to be flexible enough to accommodate your practice. You should have a choice of commitment lengths. That way, as time moves forward, if you run into issues, you won’t be stuck in a long-term contract.

Their licensing and certifications should be current.

Don’t sign anything until you’ve verified your chosen company’s credentials. Management companies are required by local, state, and federal laws to have licenses and certifications for handling certain dangerous substances including sharps and soiled items. Use a third party like your local authorities to double-check on credentials that management companies claim to have. If there is any doubt in your mind about a company, go find another option who is able to clearly show they are qualified to fulfill your practice’s needs.

They should have plenty of insurance.

Because they work with dangerous substances, insurance just isn’t an option for waste management companies. The company you choose should cover both them and you just in case something goes wrong.

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