Biohazard Disposal FAQ

Pacific Medical Waste

We’ve included a list of the most frequently asked medical waste questions, below, to help address any additional questions you may have about medical waste regulations, our company, and/or how we stack up to our competitors.If you have a question that has not been addressed to your satisfaction, we encourage you to contact us at 800-563-3854 or by using our contact form.


Q. Is your medical waste company licensed, insured and fully compliant?
A. Medical Waste Disposal is licensed, insured and fully compliant with all state and federal medical waste handling laws.

Q. I have a small clinic on a tight budget. Is it ok for me to take our medical waste to the disposal facility myself when necessary?
A. No, not unless you are an approved medical waste transporter. Medical Waste Disposal is an approved medical waste transporter offering low-cost medical waste disposal options. We can tailor a plan to meet your budget and your disposal needs, while keeping you in compliance with state regulations.

Q. What happens if I dispose of my medical waste improperly?
A. The fine will be imposed by the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) for improper disposal.

Q. My medical clinic only generates one full box of medical waste every three months. Do I need to have it removed more often?
A. In order to be in compliance with state regulations enforced by Cal/EPA, you cannot store biohazardous medical waste for longer than 90 days, nor can you store filled sharps containers for more than 90 days.

Q. Isn’t there a difference between Animal Waste and Human Waste? Can’t I dispose of biohazardous waste from my veterinary clinic any way I choose?
A. NO. Biohazardous waste, regardless of whether it is generated from animals or humans, must follow the same guidelines of proper disposal.

Q. Why can’t I just close up my sharps container and throw it out with my regular office trash?
A. In order to prevent possible spread of disease, sharps containers must be treated by an approved treatment facility, like Pacific Medical Waste, before being disposed of in a landfill.

Q. How can I tell if our facility is compliant with medical waste disposal regulations?
A. Our Free Compliance Review can help. One of our certified representatives will review your medical waste handling procedures and make sure you’re satisfying all relevant state and federal laws. Just give us a call or click here to request your free compliance review.


Q. What day will you pick up?
A. We have flexible pickup schedules. Just call us to discuss your options.

Q. Do you perform criminal background checks and drug tests on your drivers?
A. Yes. We perform both background checks and drug tests for all our service representatives. They must pass these tests both before they are hired and also as a condition of continued employment. Additionally our representatives will always be “professional”, in uniform and certified to handle medical waste.

Q. What is the term of your service agreement?
A. Our service agreement is for three years, unless you prefer a longer agreement.

Q. Do you provide a copy of the manifest?
A. Yes. We will provide a copy of the manifest, so that you know the number of containers that were picked up and the date of your service. Then after your medical waste has been processed we will mail you another copy of the manifest, indicating the date your medical waste was destroyed.

Q. Do you maintain your manifest?
A. Yes we do.

Q. What happens if we lose a copy of our manifest? Can you provide another one?
A. Yes. If you lose your manifest just contact us and we’ll email it to you.

Q. What do I do with the Certificate of Destruction?
A. You must maintain the Certificate of Destruction onsite for 3 years. This is important paperwork to have if you are ever audited by the Cal/EPA or OSHA.

Q. What happens if we’re not satisfied with your service?
A. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means that if you are a route-service customer and you’re not happy with our service, let us know and we’ll make it right. If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll refund your service fee.


Q. How do your prices compare to other medical waste disposal companies?
A. Our prices are almost always 20% – 30% lower than our competitor’s prices! In fact, we’re so confident that our prices are that much lower, we’ll give you a $250 Visa Gift Card if we can’t beat their prices by 20% – 30% or more. Just give us a call or click here for a free, personalized, no-hassle quote.

Q. Do you charge for containers, boxes and bags?
A. Although many of our competitors DO charge for their containers, boxes and bags, ours are free to our route service customers.

Q. Are there any “hidden” on your invoices?
A. Our invoices are easy to understand, because we never add any “mystery” charges such as administration fees, environmental fees or record retention fees.

Q. Is Medical Waste Disposal a “real” medical waste disposal company or are you just a “broker” that would outsource the pickup and processing of our medical waste to another company?
A. That’s a great question, because there are a number of brokers in California that don’t offer any actual service or value to their customers. All they do is act as a “middle man” and outsource everything to a real medical waste disposal company like Medical Waste Disposal.

Q. Can I save money by going through a broker?
A. A broker can save you money by helping you switch from an expensive, national provider, to a qualified, regional medical waste disposal company like Medical Waste Disposal. However, since a broker acts as a “middle man”, your ongoing fees will be higher than if you solicited a bid directly from a regional provider.

Q. How do I know which medical waste disposal company is right for us?
A. To help you evaluate any medical waste disposal company you might be considering, click here to read “How To Compare Medical Waste Companies”.


Q. Do you offer training for our employees?
A. Yes. Our OSHA training programs include 10 and 30 hour General Industry Training and Blood-borne Pathogens Training.

Q. Is your training offered online or at our facility?
A. For your convenience we offer both online and onsite, classroom-style training, by certified instructors.

Q. How much do your training programs cost?
A. Cost will vary based on the size of your group and the training platform you choose. However the cost of our training programs is far less than most of our competitors’ programs.